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l Am Sorry

For Myself Too

I just don't know if I should be

happy or sad

when some people look at me

and get bloody mad

are they just so bad?

is it because they lack what I have?

is it since I clearly see their shame?

I can't even find words for this

to bear

mean, shallow, idiots indeed

but there is a reason

for them to be here

maybe to show us that we are free

while they live in a prison

locked in in made up chains

attached to their own restraints

to their falsity and their crap

which they try hard to grasp

their acting is so good

like a super star

and they are so spread out

like a virus or a plague

u never tell the way they are

until they are crumbling

corrupted by their own simple mind

unaware of their ugliness

they are just blind

I am sorry for them

they are so untrue

but indeed I am sorry

for myself too

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l Am Sorry
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