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A Poem

you are gone

it will never be the same.

you came during a good year

and left when everything was falling apart.

I sit here,

I need to blame you

I want to blame you,

I stop myself from

doing just so.

I can't,

I won't.

yet it doesn't matter to you,

when did it ever matter to you?

I am just a phase

in your little bubble.

you will eventually forget about

me just like

everybody else has.

How can you do this

to me?

I saw you as me 

saving grace -

you betrayed me.

this was a mistake,

all of it.

time and time again

you have let me down.

all of the empty promises

all of the times you've lied

how could I have not seen

the truth that was

there in front of me?

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