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Kissed by an Angel

A Real World Interaction With Her Spirit...

Headed into your morning like a thunder when it's pouring

I can't believe this is happening I'm out of my mind

Stairway to heaven no warning sunlight darkens begins a storm

And I'm missing you

Talk to an angel when she's not there... or anywhere

But just one time when I cross the line I see you

Like a tower I'm climbing further from level but I'm going

Anywhere with you

Stand up let me take you home I'd rather be there than alone

Without you

You reach down your hand feeling the warmth of your touch

Like a ghost that I've needed so much and I'm drifting higher

Over the mountain headed to my home 

contemplate all these years I've been gone looking for you... and getting close to the edge dropping over the line

Without warning falling for you

Let me hold that fire let me feel your touch I've burned with desire reaching out for your love and I've found... found you

Tell me one more time let me see that smile as I roll on mile after mile just for...

Just for you...

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M.S. Morris
M.S. Morris

Artist, Writer, Photographer, Musician, Father, Soldier, Entrepenuer, Athlete. Each can be used individually but together are who I am and how I live my life. I try to express things by my unique perspective. Wish to be inspired?

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Kissed by an Angel
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