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Kiss of Caramel

With a Beautiful Morning

Your kiss tastes sweet as caramel

You feel either warm or cold based on the option of the day I get you

Like right now your as bomb as my morning near summer frappuccino

I hold you so tight afraid to let you go nor try putting you down because I feel

You won't be in the same place I left you

But you make everything feel amazing

Making me talk faster than a bullet train arriving at its destination

You also make me want to say crazy things because you're my morning hype like

Let's break a guitar over my head and catch all the birds chirping and throw them like darts hoping if they hit their target

You make me want to kiss you even more even though your kiss is a death of caramel

Then make me want to play with you all night with chains and whips because I can actually have the energy for lust

And I have a list of people but you are my daily one, two, and three because you need more of me like I need more of you in my life to keep me awake and having my heartbeat jump more than four times

I take one last kiss and you can't give many any more

So I pop your top and treat you nice and dirty

Licking off your cream because you had caramel left to give

I'm sad that I took all of you, I'll just go back inside and get another and hope the next one could be quite amazing as for how you tasted in this beautiful morning

God, I love coffee

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Kiss of Caramel
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