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Kiss Me

A poem from a while ago.

Kiss me, please right on my cheek

It makes me smile and rosy

I look like a peach, wide and round

Ripe, sweet, and tart.

Kiss me, please don’t wait

I wanna make it home on time to watch my show

I get to see someone get kissed,

And I want to remember how mine was like

Kiss me, please so I can feel your spirit

I want to remember I was close and near it

I want to remember the feel, and remember that it was real after I imagined it

Kiss me, please on my hand so I can feel your sensation touch my heart, a warm filled spark

I’m weak in the knees, but excited in my chest

Kiss me, please so I can say I did – so I can tell my friends about you and the things you do without a clue

Kiss me, please on my lips than keep going. Kiss me again, please so I can continue to fly. I was wondering how high I could go.

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Trai Hawthorne
Trai Hawthorne

Me name be Trai. 

Content ranging from poetry; to short-stories, blogging, etc. Click around & browse! I like to write for the creative thrill & expression! I'm on the verge of something! Content! Creativity! All that sh*t


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