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That's all we do nowadays.



That's all we do nowadays

We scroll past our fears and we swipe for a yes or a no

We no longer feel like we need to be more

We no longer feel like we're stupid

Google is such an awesome platform

You've never felt such speed

And such connections to the world

You shall ask and receive

But what happens when Google can't answer?

What happens when your screen powers off

Oh yeah...

You charge it and you start again.

Would it be so hard for you to drop your phone?

Would it be so hard for you to listen to me?

Would it be so hard if life could be for just one hour?

If we could spend minutes together and actually look in each other's eyes.

Would it be too much to ask?

Would I be a brat for wanting you to myself for 24 hours?

I'm not asking you to shut down your life.

I'm just asking you to be here with me for just a minute.

Actually, I was asking a month ago.

Now I'm gone and I'm just a ghost.

So my memories will live on in your phone.

The only important question is:

Would it have been so hard if you knew I had one day left on Earth...

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