Just Screams and Never Silent

Poems from a Child

It is too loud I cannot hide. Under my quilt I try to survive, when will it stop will anyone notice.

I am here crying, scared, and lonely. Every night the same thing, I sit here shaking asking why me?

The tears are flowing quickly they threaten to create a flood; will anyone notice if I was covered in blood?

I sit and wait, and pray it ends quick, the screaming, the banging, the hits and the kicks.

I don't need to see, my ears can hear it, I am only a child, but I must witness it.

Just because your downstairs doesn't hide it, I can hear it which means I can see it.

In my mind, I picture it, when I hear the scream, the fighting and the silence I picture it.

My mind cannot stop it, as I have seen it before, so why do I need to see it again for my mind to explore?

My mind explores every night, when you start again, as soon as I hear the voices it begins the race.

It shows me what is happening down there without me wanting to see, I have no control because my mind has already seen.

I am just a child, but I am scared under this quilt, I know no harm will come to me, but will I see the blood?

I want a normal life, one where I can sleep where I don't get woken at 4 AM with the sounds of shouting and abuse.

I am only a child, but my mind has grown too quick, traumatized by everything I had to grow up quick.

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Just Screams and Never Silent
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