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Just One Bite

A Poem

Broken promises

Like the poison of a snake

That didn't bite

Seeping its toxins into the core

The whispers of lies

Deforming our greatest moments

Changing them to hate and disgust

The dread of wanting to say another thing

With each brick you build that wall up

To isolate from any

The shattering of trust

You pull even further

The less and less there is of desire

The silence becomes your friend

You long for an overdue apology 

That will have no meaning

Feeling like time was just a waste

Like all there is was discontent

Never good enough to even get a compliment

The only effective thing was hate

But that would be just another lie

Never knowing what to do

You want to say goodbye

But also hello my friend

They are both so easy

And yet seem so hard

Craving that twist

That just for once

Things could stay

With just one mindful thought

Could be the beginning of something new

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Just One Bite
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