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Just Let Me In

My Love...


I believe that heartfelt sincerity, reaches into and past the deepest crevices in your heart. Somewhere down in your heart where nothing can pluck it out. I think it can make your heart ache because of too much feeling. I think it can make you feel like you need to catch your breath sometimes. Not from hurt, and not from happiness, but maybe from a convulsion of the both of those emotions and more. It could be the realization you feel because someone actually loves you. For me, that's usually it. Heartfelt sincerity. Without deceit, genuinely being sincere with your whole being. That stuff, is like poetry. It's like pouring your heart out and openly being vulnerable. It's beautiful. I enjoy it too much.

I'm odd..I'm aware. I don't like present messages. They're so unimpressive to me.  I don't enjoy simple "I love you's"...that stuff is worn out. I would rather have long, powerful, heartfelt, poetic messages from way before the television was turned into color. From before that era. Because the word love is overused, and overruled by things and ideas that are not love. I hate it.

I hope you understand when I say I want to break your heart. In the most beautiful way. I want to break it apart, and I want to look inside of it. Like looking inside of an abandoned house, is how I want to look inside of your heart. I want to find old things that can be used. I want to bring out things that you didn't know you had in your heart to begin with. Then I want to put it back together, with hands that are careful and mindful of what you've felt.

I want to make your heart ache from too much feeling. From too much emotion. I want it to ache when you see me, as much as when you don't see me. I want it to ache one day when I'm there to hold you as much as it will when you can't hold me. I want it to ache from so much feeling, that you'll never be able to say "I've never felt that before".

My love for you is sincere. It is heartfelt. I want my love to be strong in you. I want it to penetrate the small cracks in your heart, so that in time it mends those cracks together. My love for you will not be like love in this world. My love for you will be as real as God, but because of God it will feel unrealistic. I adore you. Just let me in.


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Just Let Me In
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