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Just Breathe


When it all gets tough and overwhelming

They say, “Just breathe.”

But how can I breathe,

When I’m drowning in the world around me?

It’s hard to breathe, when you’re suffocating in thoughts

That won’t leave you alone

I try to breathe,

But it makes it all so much worse

And the stares I get make me lightheaded

I try to forget about it all, but

It’s so hard to do

And I feel like such a fool

When I’m scared and can’t seem to move

They tell me “Just breathe, it’s all you can do.”

But that’s so hard when you just want to

Hold your breath

And not breathe out on time

And fall to the ground

And let the blackness

Fall over you

Like a blanket and keep you safe

Don't tell me to just breathe

When all I want to do is suffocate

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Just Breathe
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