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Just a Word

A Fractured Internal World

The blackbird's song now goes unsung

It's funny how,

A single word,

Can change someone's,

Internal world.

From streams of silver,

Trees shine gold,

To bitter blackness,

Deathly cold.

Like flies trapped in,

A spider's web,

Chaos reigns,

You're filled with dread.

You try to breathe,

Through corrupted lungs,

The blackbird's song,

Now goes unsung.

Hush now, careful,

The night draws close,

Play the game or,

Give up the ghost

You look with fear,

And twisted glee,

Laughing, crying,

You repeat...

"It's funny how

A single word

Can change someone's

Internal world..."

Jaymi King
Jaymi King

I’m Jaymi, trying to be an adult in a chaotic world! Fascinated by the world of psychology and the practice of medicine. This is my wind down! (Note: Poems do not always reflect my own personal feelings or problems).

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Just a Word
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