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A Poem

In through the mouth, it found its way.

Because of reason incomprehensible , not even to them.

The lid no bigger than the area of a thumb but what it exposed was

that powerful enough to rip a loving husband from

His wife , a babe from his mother .

Drip drip drip .

sounds of nature , so pure and beautiful the biggest of hypocrisies .

The fire made its way down the passage of her throat , past the lungs

blackened by smoke and a youth of hurt and rebellion .

Its trail led through the walls into the blood , crimson in color .

Here , it was most powerful .

Abled to infiltrate

the mind and it did so , it targeted the eye sight removing focus .

Second , the mouth .

The speech now slurred and hard to control every new thought

rolled off of their tongue without

a single thought .

Oh how this juice was their favorite , for a little while that is .

The offspring forced into early adulthood .

They shouldn't have to stand in a group and confess years of which they try to forget ,

all because of juice? .

Insanity .

Its ego now greater , doubled in size .

It fed on the hurt it caused , but they weren't one to lay down and die .

So ,

no more juice she said to herself .

It found its way into the mouth , for reasons known , now without flavor the color clear .

Water .

It made its way down her throat and past the lungs unchanged .

Into her blood which would take the same trail ,

picking up the pieces of which the juice left scattered on the floor .

Her eyes gleamed , her skin shiny like silk .

Soon , the offspring returned home .

The lid ,

no bigger than the area of her thumb now screwed back on hiding the greatest of evils .

Addiction .

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