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Happy Thoughts

Strawberry Fudge

Happy thoughts of strawberry fudge, makes my heart sing, and oh it should. Sweetness fills your hearts desires, for that it should be admired.

Silly things can bring you joy, cosy slippers, a plate of kippers, or reptile nippers. Caramel, toffee, ice cream, sweets, just an example of joyful treats.

Breath it all in, let it all out. Get outside and have a good shout. Care for your soul, and make it a goal, to give yourself kindness on a daily dose.

We laugh, we cry. We sing, we dance. Walking our own journey of life, never ever give up the fight.

You know what you like, you know what you hate, and kick that out the garden gate. Then joyfully find your fate, beyond the fence of all your traits.

Joy is just that, something we all deserve. Go find it, it's there, waiting for you, go stare. It's only fair, you take yourself there. What else is there to care.

Hayley Dodwell
Hayley Dodwell

I am a freelance writer. As well as Vocal, I have also written articles for numerous websites, including, Eighties Kids, WhatCulture, Child Of The 1980's, Online Book Club, GoNOMAD Travel, Hubpages, and ScreenHub Entertainment.

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