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Job Corps

Government Facility to Treat Young People Like Criminals

Job corps how are you going to spell Job corps with a ps but the ps is silent? Add an e to the end and you have corpse it might as well be called corpse cause that's how I feel walking these halls....a corpse. Dead to the outside world screaming for some refreshing water and pure air but all I get here is green stained water fountains with the air reeking of a fuck boy smell that intoxicates the nose and mind making women think it's okay to be blind to the fact that we are more than just a mouth or a hole. 

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Feeling Brand New
Feeling Brand New

 Writing helps me cope with the crazy past I have lived. I am now very happy and content in my life I overcame my demons probably through this writing. I hope these connect to anyone out there. These stories are from real life experiences. 

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Job Corps
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