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It’s Time to Make a Change, Shootings Need to Stop

The following poem may contains a sensitive subject that may make people feel uneasy.

I walk into school eight on a Wednesday morning

I go into my first hour, everyone oddly silent.

After going into homeroom I hear upsetting news.

“A couple of miles from here, there was a shooting in aurora Illinois. Many were killed. We must practice safety.”

My anxiety rushes through my body.

Having to go into every class hearing about my teachers plans if anything happens to us.

It’s terrifying.

It’s depressing.

Knowing I have to walk to school in fear everyday in case of anything.

Why do we have to live in fear?

Why do these events take place?

When will we be okay?

Hiding under desks, locking doors.

If we’re learning these routines every day, aren’t future attackers going to know what we do in emergencies?

We won’t know their plan, but they know ours.

What if one day this actually happens to us?

No one will see it coming. We learn to say something, but will anyone actually say anything?

People only realize signs after these events take place.

Many people would think, oh this would never happen to us, we live in a suburban area.

But who’s to tell?

What if I fight with my mom and never get to see her again?

What if something’s wrong with the kid always silent?

What if these assumptions are nothing but assumptions?

What if they’re not?

How are we gonna be okay?

We make this change.

We can keep our children safe.

We can all return home safely.

We can do this.

We just need a change.

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It’s Time to Make a Change, Shootings Need to Stop
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