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It Started in Sarajevo

Or was it Mostar?

Tell me what you're seeing

Is it beautiful there?

Send me a crackling video

of the call to prayer

You're still awake until dawn,

But you're awake and smiling

There's hope lighting up the minarets

Right to the horizon

I want you to be happy,

staring at the sun

But don't tell me if you meet someone

Tell me what you're seeing

Tomorrow night

What majestic melodies

are ringing through the night?

Ostentation can be beautiful too

Especially to you

You know how to drop your pretenses

I want you to be happy,

revel in the grandeur

But if you meet a girl, I don't want to hear about her

You can live in Budapest for months if you like

Might even find a golden grand piano

And the joke that beer is cheaper than water

Will never grow old

If it still makes you glow

But feel free not to disclose it

If you find someone for whom you'd leave it all

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It Started in Sarajevo
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