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It's Unfair



I was too busy being all about you that I forgot to be about me To busy loving you and in the process I was losing me planted kisses into your deepest thoughts made love to your mind until my worth and value was what you were taught

I was always that ride or die type of woman always doing everything to make you feel me didn't want to give you up so despite how you made me feel For you I fought if another tried to cause you harm then for you I'd kill but while I was loving you - you we're loving her

While I was devoted to you - you kept giving me up now I don't budge or show excitement when you try to hit me up I loved you deeper than any other person will Inside I was crying please love me back but you didn't care to understand how I would feel

When you rejected me I constantly felt like God was testing me We didn't even have to be intimate cause just hearing your voice or having you acknowledging me made me feel like you were next to me I loved you but you didn't love me gave you all of me but all you did was give them your time

This feels like deja vu damn I've been hurt way to many times let's go back to start and press rewind so I don't have to feel this pain that continues to penetrate into my heart and mind

Now here we are and I'm so hurt I just want to say goodbye cause I don't want you to see me cry so I push you away to hide the pain you caused inside 

What hurts the most is knowing you don't care

I'm here to try and heal my wounds from a broken heart and it's just not fair..... #poetry #mydeepestthoughts #ItsUnfair #poem #iwrite #emotions #heartbreaks #pain

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Latoia Dunn
Latoia Dunn

Just someone who hopes to inspire others with my words and gifts one day.




Self Publisher 

Books I've published: Fame Or Love, Love Over Fame and Poetic Voice on Wattpad.  All rights reserved ©2018 

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It's Unfair
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