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It's Two AM

An Original Poem

Fifteen-year-old me would've never pictured laying next to you as you slept. 

fifteen-year-old me was used to being hurt, and abused, being lost and confused - only knowing heartache. 

fifteen-year-old me was lost me, unable to find the light me, the me who never would've ever pictured a you, to love me. 

fifteen-year-old me, was the broken beyond repair me, but the you that you are, fixed me, one stitch at a time, mending what others broke of me. 

Until I was whole once more. 

Twenty two-year-old me, knows of love. 

It's two AM and I'm watching you sleep, because the me that I am, will always love the you that you are  

for loving 

fifteen-year-old me. 

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It's Two AM
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