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It's That Thing

There's a cheater in our midst.

It's the walls you build up,

it’s the walls you break down,

it’s the clatter clatter in the night,

the darkness of the clocks face.

you’ve unplugged it,

so I won't see,

the time you stumble in.

you think i'm sleeping,

but I’m waiting.

I know not of the time,

but i know of the dark.

"you’re late again."

I say to the blackness.

he says not a word,

and i know he’s drunk.

It's the silent mornings,

and the silent nights,

gone all day,

come home late.

say not a word,

set to snoring.


and repeat.

It's the flicker of the flame,

it's the ice that coats the pane,

it's the yeah, uh huhs,


sorry, I forgot’s,

that tell me that he’s lying.

It's his whispering phone calls,

and secret texts.

the sneaking out,

and slinking in,

drunken mumbles in the night.

It’s the silent fights,

when we should be talking,

it’s the day i reach my breaking point.

It's the day I want you to just shut up,

and get out.

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It's That Thing
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