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Isn't It Crazy

A Poem

Isn't it crazy that you never feel crazy until you get called crazy? Isn't it crazy that no matter how long you've kept your mouth shut when you get attacked. 

Been a door mat and kept those egg shells that you walk on perfectly un-cracked that when you finally speak up to what you've held inside your the one on the wrong side?

Isn't crazy that all the hard work you've done goes unseen but people always remember when you haven't done a damn thing.

Isn't it crazy how much you keep inside because of your pride but your mind is telling you that's what makes you a ride and die?

Isn't it crazy that it took me so long to realize that the egg shells still broke no matter how carefully I walked on them and I blamed myself for everyone else's hurt so it wouldn't hurt them.

Isn't it crazy that I was having these negative thoughts, I was having these negative dreams and that is when I realized I was living my life for everyone else but it was never for me.

Isn't it crazy that I lost myself somewhere in the middle of all the chaos that became my life, pouring ever part of myself into a bottomless cup hoping that one day I gain the peace to find myself again now isn't that crazy?


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shiney poetry
shiney poetry

Hey guys I'm Cheyenne and I'm a inspiring writer and photographer. Between the Chaos and the peace is where you'll find me. can follow me on Instagram: @shiney.poetry 

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Isn't It Crazy
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