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Is It That Simple?


Teachers. Ancestors. Warm. Great grandmothers. Leaders. Broken. Battered. Mothers. Loud. Submissive. Women. 

Getting back up because it never happened.

Welcoming you because it is my nature

I dare not go against my own DNA.

Come here baby, I understand. 

Cum here lets make one.


Brilliantly phenomenal.


Bothered. Angry. Petty. Do not touch my hair.


Shove your compliments up your ass and why tf don’t you love me?


Loud. Articulate. Strong. Accepting. 

Pent up built up trauma. 

Pass it down. Cold shoulder. 

Resentment. Forgive and do not forget shit.

Let me hold this over your head.


Forever, phenomenally brilliantly getting back up because it never happened.




Message from the Author

Of course, poetry, or my attempts at writing poetry, is a form of expression. I need a place to put these thoughts and feelings that do not seem to belong anywhere else but paper. I have yet to truly master this art because my poems are just the ice-bergs of what I am truly thinking. This poem was written after a call with my mother. If only words were like magic. Enjoy.

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Is It That Simple?
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