I read this to one of my teachers, because I started it during her class. I'd like to believe that we're homies and I can safely b.s. through her class😂👌

I'll never be tamed...

Tied to a post in a neat backyard with a leash of greenbrier

The vine would tear into my neck,

Beheading me as I'd try to run into the forest...

I'd rather be a gory cadaver than a pet.

I'm a beastly vagabond with a traveling garden

A myriad of proud flowers

They never wilt...

They're loudly vivid

Always cheering for me with colorful voices

Telling me to be "Perpetually wild"

They say that I'm "A shining, silver creature after the Id's own heart"

So, I'll always be a voracious hound

Always hunt gratification

I'll aim for the throat

The instant kill

Instant ecstasy...

In that moment,

Nothing can surmount devouring a pitch black tree with pink bubblegum leaves that grew on top of a flying mountain after climbing the slim, smooth roots as they drag along through a cerulean sea

Or flying on a cloud of petals from my gorgeous garden

Chasing a consciously fleeing stream of honey coursing through the sky

Twisting and turning...

Making me hungrier

Making me want it more

I'll give chase to the fluid concept of beauty and sedation until the end of time.

The end of everything.

Even as all fades to black...

Even as I turn to ash.

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