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Interrupted Healing


 Finally, finally moving on from all your fucked up memories

Somehow, somewhere I stumble & I fall

And all the hard work goes to waste

Here comes the trigger

I hate you again

I don’t trust again

How can I love again

I analyze it

I try to heal

I think I do

And it just comes back

To haunt me

To fuck shit up again

To weaken me

And weaken my ability to love again

To smile again

To finally, finally not hate you

To finally learn how to love again

To breathe again

To not be triggered so easily

To feel like I’m getting treated equally

To feel that I’m getting love frequently

I’m trying to heal quietly

But I’m hurting so noisily

Meanwhile I thought I was hurting secretly

I need to take a breather before this goes any further

I don’t want to love you

But I don’t want the pain you put me through to stop me from loving another 

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Interrupted Healing
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