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Insurmountable Climb

Supporting the Ladder

They didn't want us to reach higher.

The corporate ladder is probably the coldest term

one could utter in the working world

For one with burning motivation,

it's baffling to watch people stagnate,

discontent with their positions,

but remaining unmoving

I can overlook daily exchanges of small talk,

silly talk of weather and days of the week

There's an angled ladder with uneven places to grab

and even more treacherous footholds

But every ladder is meant to be challenged

and staying absolutely still

is the assigned duty of a corpse.

I'm at the bottom rung since I'm 

a new animal out to pasture 

with tigers looking down

from their corner offices and leather chairs

at a small, new creature grazing for information

Those around me complain about their stature,

but do not reach out to the next level as years pass

Is it doubt? Complacency? A spot of laziness?

A secret happiness they won't admit?

I could only begin to guess, 

but I can't dwell at this place

as a person supporting the ladder

Holding it in place, keeping it steady 

so that those at the top don't fall

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Leigh Fisher
Leigh Fisher

I'm from Neptune. No, not the farthest planet from the sun, but from Neptune, New Jersey. I'm a writer, poet, blogger, and an Oxford comma enthusiast.

I go by @SleeplessAuthor on Twitter and @SleeplessAuthoress on Instagram.

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Insurmountable Climb
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