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Institution of Rights

What do you do with despots?

Miss Rand provides the clarity.

When a government

Becomes the master

And the people, slaves,

Then that is when the

Institution of

Rights ought to be viewed.

A framework to the

Constitution would

Need to be in place.

Like designers who

fashion the clothes and

Tidy up threadbare

Facets of garments,


Would then highlight the

Portions of papers

That showcase freedom.

Whatever is worn

Or tattered, it can

Be made new again.

Such governments that

Take for granted the

Liberty of the

People require

Fresh starts. That means that

You don’t do deals with

Dictators. You can

Either remove them

From power or cut

Off every bit of

Trade. But the goal is

To give them the sign

That their reign of spite

Will soon be finished.

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Institution of Rights
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