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Insomnia and I, the Best of Friends

A freestyle poem about one of my bad habits.

Image via The Sleep Council

I'm realizing now more than ever 

That writing is incredibly therapeutic for me. 

If my previous posts about getting tattoos and healthy living 

Are any indication, I'd say I'm becoming a lot more comfortable with 

Opening up to my readers about my feelings, personal goals, 

And troubles I may be facing. 

It helps me to thoughtfully compose self-determined matters of great 

Significance that are oftentimes hard to put in spoken words, and it's 

Always important for audiences to learn a little more about the author 

Behind all the formal discussions and opinions on subjects unrelated to 

The self. 

They are able to form a connection, to really explore where the writer is 

Coming from. Or if anything, they may find something relatable in what is 

Being shared with them, and in turn are able to assist a discourse in 

taking its first baby steps.

Which brings me to today's topic, one I know for a fact many are familiar 

With: insomnia. I've had problems sleeping for several years now, 

But only recently have I begun experiencing restlessness for consecutive 

Nights. It usually takes me about an hour on average to fall 

Asleep, and there are eventides when I don't suspend consciousness 


And even when I do manage to finally catch a ferry to dreamland, I'm 

Wide awake again some odd hours later. I know that oversleeping can 

Actually make you feel worse, and that it's advised to only sleep for as 

Much as your conscious will allow. But this, quite frankly, has gotten 


Regardless of the many positions I try to get comfortable in, the decision 

Of whether I want to keep the windows open for fresh air, dim any source 

Of light in the room, or even drink tea, I just can't seem to shut my brain 

Off when it needs to be shut. Not even those autonomous sensory 

Meridian response videos on YouTube do anything for me.

They say that intelligent people are more likely to stay up longer. 

Well, I'd say at the very least that I'm definitely a thinker. 

I'm pretty sure that's my only issue here. It's true that over-thinking, 

Especially about things that concern us the most, really does put a spell on 


But strangely enough, I find comfort in contemplating everything that 

happens in my life, because I'm not granted as much time throughout the 

day to really sit back and reflect on whether any of it makes sense or 

holds any true meaning. 

Being able to piece thoughts together coherently really is the first stage in 

Acting upon or responding to an objective or experience, and the only 

Chance I have to accomplish this is when dusk befalls my surroundings. 

It only makes sense in a society where productivity is the key to survival; 

We want to make use of every opportunity we have to make a difference. 

I suppose it's better than being doomed to a century-long slumber, right?

If I'm to be perfectly honest with you all, I'm actually kind of afraid to cast 

Aside my reflections in favour of sleep. I worry that I'll care less about 

Them if I choose to just think about absolutely nothing at all. My hope is 

That I'll one day learn to master lucid dreaming, or leastwise encounter 

My mind's countless concoctions in my dreams, so that I can actually 

Sleep at the same time and not compromise my well being.

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Insomnia and I, the Best of Friends
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