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Thoughts Unknown

Ever been awakened by thoughts unknown

Sleeping soundly while yearnings grow

The absence of someone yet no one present

Back to sleep you cannot go

How can this be?

You were sleeping so soundly

Sleep so great

Sleeping so deeply but now awake

This damn insomnia...

Why do you plague me so?

Take me back to my dreamland

Where my world is whole.

Where my dreams are endless and life is full

of beaches and sand and the sun's never dull

Where waves are never ending and it's always peaceful

Sipping endless glasses of Tequila spiked lemonades

Where sweet jazz tunes can be heard on the promenade. 

Where you are near; connecting my soul

to this dreamland I wish was home.

I wake...

Damn insomnia

Disturbing my sweet deep sleep with thoughts unknown.

Edkesha Anderson
Edkesha Anderson

A public admin doctoral student that freelances by night. Writing has always been a part of my life but I've only recently started to take it seriously. I write grants, research, and poetry. Hopefully, I will also add travel to the list.

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