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Cerebral Conflict

Moonlight over Hobart / Meka Carter

Darkness eludes my eyes

Yet the sun remains at peace

Against a sky bluer than my soul, stars gleam

While the moonlight witnesses my grief

Every day and night, recycling routines

Familiar reminders of loneliness

Constantly nag at me

As I deliberately avoid mirrors

Taking sidesteps to dodge witnessing this mess

From inside I scream

Plead for stability

Overanalyze dreams unreached

Struggle to move on and forget

My mind, fatigued by tension

Daily self-persecution

For decisions unable to amend

Separates my psyche from reality

Causes unshakable dependence

On sadness, while I contemplate

Walking towards dusk

Resting my eyes, able to dream

Of triumphantly draining the virulent blood

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