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Insignificant Other

You in the Mirror

An Original Drawing by Myself Jason S Collins

You sit there looking into your mirror every day.

Thinking of what your insignificant other would say. ?

Because she's the only one that sees you eye to eye.

Makes you feel like you wanna cry .

Can't show your true emotion of one another.

Shaking and wondering if you'll even recover. 

Would she be like you ? , or differ in every way. 

This is one of the things I'd like to see and hell I'd even pay.

Just a thought, but ever imagine what she's like.??

Would you crawl in a corner and feel only fright .? 

Could she love someone good and nice.?

Look at your attitude, do you see the splice.?

Remembering how you look and forgetting you're really stuck.

Still wondering if she really gives a ....

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Jason Collins
Jason Collins


Im a native artist. Ive been drawing since i could pick up a pencil.  Im also a poet and script writer ( zombie pus , co-writer wes day )  i can also spit a mean flow once in awhile. 


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Insignificant Other
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