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They are always with me.

A million bugs, crawling all over you into your crevices.

Into your soul.

Buzzing in and around your head, nibbling at your brain, picking at your skin.

A million bugs.

Making you tingle and itch, a stinging sensation that grows with time.

Climbing out of your mouth and up your nostrils, out of your eyes and into your ears.

Swarming you, blinding you, making you deaf.

Every time you open your mouth to scream, more bugs fly in, more bugs fly out.

Choking on them as you feel their wings vibrate against your throat.

Their endless amounts of feet dig deep into your flesh.

They consume you.

They become you.

A million bugs.

They eat away at your insides leaving you hollow and in pain.

You try to crawl into the fetal position but it won't save you.

Nothing will.

They mate inside of you creating more bugs that burst from your skin.

You start to feel them coming out from under your fingernails and toenails.

You think to yourself why am I not dead yet, how is this happening to me.

But your thoughts quickly become a blur as you can no longer think, you can only feel.

A million bugs.

As you scratch and scratch at your skin trying to get them all out, blood pouring everywhere, clawing at your throat, gasping for air.

Eyes wide with terror, hands clenched tight.

Finally a scream comes out.

But with that scream comes a stream of more insects.

Projectile vomiting, it never ends.

Maggots, flies, spiders.

Beetles, earwigs, centipedes.

They engulf my soul, my every bit of existence.

Left in a field to wither away and rot into the ground.

A million bugs.

My world is now overrun.

Eggs within my stomach, eggs in my ears.

The sun sets, the sun rises, they never leave. 

Days pass by and I am nothing but bone.

My presence no longer matters, my mind is shattered.

I cannot move. I cannot itch, I cannot fight them anymore.

Why am I not dead?

Am I dead?

I am alive. I'm alive.


I am food. I'm food.

A million bugs.

They are always with me.

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Holly Anne
Holly Anne

Hey anyone who may be reading this! My name is Holly. I love doing creative stuff, writing, painting, making random stuff. I mostly write horror but I'm trying to branch out and try other things. Hope you enjoy my work!

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