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Infinitely Small


It’s a materialistic world we live in and the prevailing

philosophy is to expand out into greater levels of

physicality and that is the measure of success:

bigger house, cars, more furniture, hydroplanes,

headphones and electric minivans, etc.

but I’m thinking of going the other way I’m thinking

going small is the way I’m thinking of giving everything

away like the wide screen TV and the boxes of clothes that can

clothe a village in India and all this paper work.

I’m going the opposite way I’m going to shrink everything

down to a point where I can carry it all on my key chain

and then I will make that vanish as well.

it won’t be gone it will just be so small as to be


in the end, that is all you’re gonna have anyway

when even your material shell gets tossed

on the trash heap and you are nothing but

a point of consciousness. 

infinitely small.

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Infinitely Small
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