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Infinite Love


Love drips from lips as we kiss in bliss

So passionate, euphoric

A feeling of internal bliss

Blooming in the heart chakra, a red rose of love, an enchanting smell

A smell that one can detect very very well

You are the petals that enchant my holy water

You water my leaves and help me grow

You are the air that comes from the trees that helps me breathe

You are me and I am I.

I feel your energy when I connect with the beloved trees

I do not need or crave you,

Because you are already within me

But oh have much you intice me

Our souls dance in synchronicity

Your divine energy flows up an down my body

We don't have to connect physically because we do that spiritually

It's all ethereal alchemy

We flow so gracefully

To be, to be, to be 

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Infinite Love
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