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In Transit

Compacted, Transformed

The budding leaves look like they've already dried up outside my window

The crocuses are glad that they don't have to push their way out through snow

And as for me, I've locked myself up in this cozy attic, I'm home

But down the stairs my clothes are getting in sardine formation to go

Empty spaces where there shouldn't be

Silences instead of pattering feet

When I've settled down, you're more than welcome to come around

That's if I ever leave

This tarot reader knows that I'm in transit, though she's never met me

She's going to get me hooked on all these pseudosciences, what's up with numerology?

Just say my name and watch the stars align, they say that things come in threes

So when something wicked this way comes I'll have to face it because I'm ready

Empty spaces where there shouldn't be

You're living your life and I'm waiting

When I've settled down, you're more than welcome to come around

But who knows what you'll see

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In Transit
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