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In the Photo

A Short Poem About Recreating a Family Portrait at My Grandparents' 50th Wedding Anniversary

In the photo, suspended in time,

the cellophane yellows and peels

in my hands as it is turned

over and over.

The date and description on the back,

the picture on the front,

smiling faces that are frozen by a lens

trapped for eternity.

A face that reflects my own stares back at me

but it isn't me;

they are features that were handed to me -

that originated in the tall, brick house with horses

that housed six children, running through the halls.

I flip the yellowing picture in my hand

and gather the people laughing;

the pose is just how it was

but it is in the now.

I raise my camera black, sleek, metal - different from the original

but holding the same concepts and feeling.

Suspended by time,

the camera flashes 50 years later

with a photo that will be turned again and again until it is yellowed

and then the flash will capture me.

A Gonyer
A Gonyer

I'm a college student and a creative writing minor trying to get some of my work seen. I prefer to write various types of fiction, but I also enjoy writing poetry.

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In the Photo
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