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In Pursuit of a Better Me and a Better Way to Be

A Man in Continuous Pursuit

Another night alone

Another night at home

This path I'm on

This path I have chosen

Is a hard road to travel

People stop and stare

Can't be bothered to care

They'd rather scoff and snide

Whisper and sneer at my back

Because I'm not like them

They are superiorly grouped united

Too afraid to be the better person

And stand distinctively alone

I have no such fear

For alone I am an individual

Who thinks and acts

Of his own personal mind

A man in continuous pursuit

Of the higher mind, the better self

I am not content or settled

Nor do I ever intend to be

I am a restless soul, a seeker

Of something better, something deeper

Far below the surface of things

Far above the one mind crowd

I have separated from the pack

And I will never go back

It is a hard way to go

A hard way to be

It is a lonely and difficult life

And I would rather not

See it to its inevitable end alone

But I have yet to cross paths'

With the special one

A like-minded woman

The other half of my incomplete soul

And until the day I meet her

I must continue my arduous journey alone

For once and all of the time if need be

For once and all of the time 

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In Pursuit of a Better Me and a Better Way to Be
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