In Our Childhood

Were the games just metaphors?

Young and naïve you looked around

Taking in the surroundings

Can you guess what i see?

Learning the world

But when did you learn to look at people

Was it When locked in the falling bridge trying to get free, but getting free from what

You were broken and their arms keeping you stable

You ran and hid not to be found

Full of anxiety

Hoping they do but hoping they don’t

The moment comes and you feel defeated

Or maybe happy You were found

Now in a circle of close friends

Most everyone was gone for a while

some longer than others

Always wondering who was next

but somehow everyone always found their way back

Until ABC quits was in order

until next time

You just never knew that was the last time

Now alone fighting a game of right and wrong

Making sure you don’t slip up

Always do what the man says

Listen for when to go and when to stop

One small gesture can send you back

Behind everyone else

All they can say With a smile on their face

Is sorry

And even if you think you made it to the end

You faced one last test

When your name is called you have to prove

To you and everyone else

You were strong enough to make it through

And when you do it’s not just for you

Turn around and pick another person

Become the thing you proved yourself against

But Now you're in trouble

Cause that isn’t the end

You start playing a game of greed and money

Pay up and Do your time

There is no luck of the draw

You have to roll the dice

And one day whether you like it or not

The tower will fall

Nothing left but remains

And all you have left to do is 

Say Uncle

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In Our Childhood
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