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In My Mind


Pain hits you head on

As you began to take Mary for a drive

Knowing that she will give you that temporary effect.

Thoughts beginning to form in a different dimensional study of life,

Thinking to yourself how can this not be limitless

When pain hits you head on.

In My Mind

Looking up at the skies for a wave of peace

Knowing if I take my eyes off the clouds above

My heart that’s within

May fall beneath.

Below surface radiant feeling of dramatic pain.

As my soul began to arise

Stars shining in the sky

Awakening my spirit.

As love pours out in different aspects

Such as length, depth, or height

Knowing, I am on my way.

Imagining to find peace and harmony

Experiencing oneness with all of life

As this mind of mine comes to life

May your soul be enlightened

And your heart sense the fullness of gratitude.

In My Mind


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In My Mind
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