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In Memory of a Life Once Lived

Once upon a time...

Out five nights a week and rolling into work everyday on time, but worse for wear. 

No plans made, but living for each moment in its fullest. 

Crazy hair styles, without a care in the world and no shits to give. 

Fast cars, fast women and only number one to consider and sustain. 

Fresher year at university twice, then dropping out. Partying with no end in sight. 

A strong impulse to do what I want and screw the consequences. 

Then the lights fade away, life slows down and you feel like you've run head first into a wall. 

Debts catch up to you, mental health becomes an issue and your "friends" disappear into the darkness. 

Work is an endless grind, no energy for being sociable or going out out. 

Thoughts of the end and giving up.

What happened? When did the party end? Why wasn't I told? 

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In Memory of a Life Once Lived
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