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In Dreams

Nothing questioned, no demand.

Sometimes when I’m dreaming

You waltz in like you own the place

Waking circles around my room

Commenting on the space

You say “your bed looks too big

To be in it all alone”

You say “you need me here

To make a house a home”

And I agree with a nod

A smile, an outstretched hand

You put your palm in mine

Nothing questioned, no demand

I can feel your heart beat

I can feel you breathing

You say, “love may be invisible,

But seeing is believing”

And when the dream moves on

Deepens into oceans

You control the tides

Set the stage for my emotions.

As I sink into the waters

I feel your fingers touch my face

I know what safe feels like now

I never want to leave this place.

Loves comes through the eyes

Dreams come through the heart

Forever comes in seconds

And I’ll savor every part

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In Dreams
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