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In Darkness, I Weep for You

Poem to the Fallen... and to the Shooter

An ordinary day

Transformed to hell in minutes

In darkness, I mourn

I weep for you.

Rage spun from hate

Will not delay their fate

In darkness, I mourn

I weep for you.

May your gods offer comfort

And your loved ones in turn

In darkness, I mourn

I weep for you.

May suffering cease

And peace lay lost to rest.

In darkness, I mourn

I weep for you.

I reach out my hand

And heart to those survived

In darkness, I mourn

I weep for you.

I hope for judgment

For the one who rent death.

In darkness, I mourn

But I don’t weep for you.

You had all the choice

And you chose a senseless path.

In darkness, I burn

With anger towards you.

You will never wash the blood

Of the innocents of your hands.

In darkness, I bleed

With contempt for you.

You have cursed families

With no rhyme or reason

In darkness, I wish

No escape for you.

No escape like the people

You chose to slay

In darkness, I beg

There be no choice for you.

You are not righteous

You will not be rewarded

In darkness, you’ll whine

And they’ll abandon you.

May the ghosts of your sins

Haunt you till your death.

In darkness, you’ll suffer

And they’ll let you.

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In Darkness, I Weep for You
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