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In a Place of Worship

We play roles but change them to fit our desires.

I'm not your Juliet

Though the drop from the balcony looked enticing

and the poison circulating through my bloodstream had me on my knees begging for mercy at His feet

That's when I noticed her.

Church bells overwhelming, ringing at night

I complimented the devils tattoos

while my hands intertwined themselves in her thick hair

she told me she doesn't make the first move but had her eyes pull me in closer

I was hooked to her tongue deep in my core

A cross hanging above the pews

Roses wilt and die eventually

like all things good and beautiful

The bells ring quiet.


A whisper falls over the room "this too shall pass"

and we are momentarily transfixed in time

under His watchful eye

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In a Place of Worship
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