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Imagined Love


The highest hill, fireflies, the night sky, I thought everything was going right

I ran after you, pinning you to the grass, a beautiful smile under that mask

Turns out you were in disguise, as I lay here by myself, looking up at the empty sky.

How can I feel so lonely with your hands on my heart, hands on my chest, you whispered "what you wanna do next," our generation has taken love out of sex and I wonder what's next 

Part Two:

Reminiscing the love you and I once had, was something very special, something you and I never thought we would find. Unfortunately it didn't last as long as we planned. Love is fast to lose and takes a long time to find. People, people who make promises, gain your trust, and throw in lust, are nothing but bullets that break you down every time one manages to break through. It takes that one you've been looking for to end to your life blissfully. Love lost and love found, I find myself space bound to the thought of the times we had together.

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Imagined Love
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