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Images of Youth


Competing drums and

piano and train and

competing, competing

Fresh sprigs of green-

Water drips on a dirty,

white toilet seat.

White blossomed trees,

cut down for their fishy stench.

When will spring begin?

Long lonely trip to

the restroom, uneven road

before me, my feet-

Only when the sun

hits just right, does the window

project its color.

Dry yesterday

Fresh, clean, laid over gravel

Prints in the concrete

Cigarettes waft through

chain link fence and over piles

of red and white dirt

Tall glass walls

Printed with hands

How many fit inside?

Inside the bathroom-

The sound of the drum kit

shakes the stall walls

Starry night sky,

glow worms hidden in the grass-

Which way is up?

Rain falls on the roof

as paint falls on the paper.

The air is thick.

Leaning against a

mud caked tree, a hand

brushes your shoulder.

A lone wall stands,

surrounded by trees and brush,

holding up nothing.

Overhead, birds and

rocks fly off the marble cliff.

Only stones land near.

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Images of Youth
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