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Does everything 'meet the eye?'

Do you see me; am I there

Are you starring hard enough?

Can you see my soul through me?

Can you feel me or am I an illusion?

Am I invisible to the human eye?

So small that not even a microscope can’t pick up?

Am I so clear that you can see my organs function?

Can you pick up that my heart is slowly beating?

Are you a figure of my imagination?

I am thinking that you are holding me

But it’s only the strong wind, sweeping by

Am I imagining that you are real?

Is it my illusion that I love you?

Is there an underlined trick to you loving me?

Or am I feeling something that isn’t even there?

Is this feeling actually exist in my soul,

Or is my mind playing with my emotions?

Jumping into an invisible river, landing on sand

Feeling coolness beneath me, taking my breath away,

But is it only the suffocation of the grains in my throat?

Is that what I am feeling with you?

Dreamy Illusion.

Reality isn’t a factor anymore.

Take me to where you are, what you feel.

Wait… Are you even there or am I imagining you once again?

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