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If We Were Together...

The Waiting Game

Letting go, but yet still there. 

If we were together, you would’ve hold me though my nightmare I had.

If we were together, I would hold your hand with one and the other with a flashlight for I could help you through that dark path.

If we were together, not one day would any of us would be sad. 

If we were together, we would've like the aftermath.

If we were together, my “I love you” wouldn’t be mumbled.

If we were together, it would've been a love that was bittersweet.

If we were together, my world wouldn't have crumbled.

If we were together, you wouldn’t glance at me, you would look at me until I notice and when I do you’ll call me beautiful in a heart beat. 

If we were together, you wouldn’t flinch away when I try to touch you ‘cause you were afraid to feel a sense of love. 

If we were together, I wouldn't ask for anything else.

If we were together, the raven would changed into a dove. 

If we were together, my heart would melt.

These are just some reason why I'll wait. 

Even though I'm scared, it'll be too late...

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If We Were Together...
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