Maya Gad
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If This Was a Movie

My life is not a movie.

I am stuck in a movie that has no analogy with the reality. Countless Characters are surviving in my mind. I tried being me but no one ever loved me like in a movie, I gazed at the delightful lilac skies like in movies but people thought I was extra because I adored skies, I laughed my heart out like in movies but people told me to shut my mouth because my laugh was retarded, I danced to the beat of the music as they do in movies but they said "is she always acting crazy," I tried to stare away pretending that I am thinking of something else while he is sitting next to me so he can notice I think of him but he never guessed that I think about him like in movies, I fell in love with people who I had no chance with, wishing they would love me back like in movies, but they didn't, I wanted to sit with someone on a rooftop to count the stars like in movies but I haven't, and I became careless and spontaneous like in movies but no one liked me being me because it's the real world and not a movie.  

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If This Was a Movie
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