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If There's A Time For Tears


If there's a time for tears.

Then there's a time for smiling.

Forget your doubts and fears.

Because soon the happy thoughts will be piling.

There's a new day.

And a sunny sky.

And that voice inside that tells you to try.

So you've no reason to wonder why.

If there's a time for crying.

Then there's a time for laughter.

You just keep on trying.

Soon you'll have your happily ever after.

There's hope on the horizion.

And a glowing moon.

And that voice that sings a merry tune.

So you shouldn't give up so soon.

If there's a time for sad.

Then there's a time for happy.

No reason to feel bad.

If you let it show by dressing snappy.

There's another chance.

And an oppurtunity waiting.

And that stops you from anticipating.

A gentle reminder that life is better when you're not hating.

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If There's A Time For Tears
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