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If I Had Known


If I had known six years ago, the things I know today,

I'd have done things differently; avoided all the pain.

Id go fishing with my papa, more often than I did,

I'd say "I love you" a thousand times before he got so sick.

I wouldn't love a boy who didn't understand the meaning,

and stop it long before i knew he would be leaving.

I wouldn't waste my time with love, I would study harder.

Cause love will leave you all alone within your darkest hour.

I would try to stop myself from growing up to fast; 

I never really let myself be a child in the past.

I'd love a little more and yell a little less,

I wouldn't let myself care about trying to be the best.

I would get a sled, and fly down a snowy hill.

I'd do a few more reckless things because I love the thrill.

These are things that I would do if I had ever known,

that everyone would leave me and i'd end up all alone.

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If I Had Known
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