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If I Die Now


If I die now

Plant my body with a maple

Let my ashes be the leaves

So they blow away in autumn

Scattering for miles across the dried grass

And let the blood that once ran through my veins

Puddle around your pancakes for breakfast

So you can taste me each morning

Forget the casket and the tomb

And the dreary local funeral

Let the tree fall when it’s time

And be sawed to dust

Burn it again with the black clothes you never wore

Roast white puffy marshmallows

Stuck between crumby golden crackers

And eat them over my long-gone remains

When the fire dies

Nature can fill the pit

Let lillies and roses grow

Or ferns and dandelion weeds

I won’t mind much either way

Return me back to earth

And just as life began

It will end 

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If I Die Now
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