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If I Could, I Would

A Poem

If I could, I would.

Nothing is real, if you don’t believe in who you are.

I didn’t believe in myself anymore.

My pride was Shattered with all that I was sure of...

Lost in a million tiny pieces all over this life’s floor.

Where my confidence and hope in all that was right.

Disappeared into the distance in the black of the night.

The only answer to my day as it approached it’s end.

Was to find comfort in the bottle who had become my best friend.

With memories of yesterday and broken promises made.

Dreams spoken of that were pure fantasy and trust so mislaid.

I tried to mask a broken heart by exchanging it for another.

When will I learn, it’s a burn for a burn...

And simply creates a cycle of drama.

When you are broken yourself you cannot fix another.

All the lies subside and the truth will always be discovered.

The doubts and fears began again inside my head.

As the madness and tears created a passionate storm in my once peaceful bed.

I watched the faith that I had slip through my hands.

Even though I knew better and I damn well understood.

That what I was doing was wrong I was fooled by her plans.

If only I could turn back time...

If I could, I would.

I would of kept my distance, my feelings inside.

I would of retained my defences and let her drift out with the tide.

I would of guarded my heart like I had grown wise too.

I should have seen through the disguise, such a fool not to.

It has taken so long to regain a little faith.

To believe in myself, forgive my sin.

If I could I would turn back the clock...

Erase it all, take back everything.

Today I have grown and of myself I am clear.

I believe in myself again and I release my fear.

I have made so many mistakes but my heart only ever had intentions of good.

I am sorry for them all, If only I could go back and change them...

If I could, I would.

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Steven Baldry
Steven Baldry

I have been writing Poetry since I was a teenager. Now in my late thirties I enjoy it more than ever. I find it a wonderful release and it helps me to free my mind and understand myself and my emotions.

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If I Could, I Would
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